Our Philosophy

We place a high value on natural and environmentally friendly production
of food. This is an essential prerequisite for high-quality dishes with intense, natural and pure taste.

We can be certain about the high quality of our dishes because we get our supplies from local producers.

We are fortunate to be able to get our potatoes, various vegetables,
goat meat and milk products from a family member. Not only the freshest supply is guaranteed, but we also know, through frequent on-the-spot visits, that environmentally sound agricultural practices are observed.

Our fishermen still maintain the traditional net fishing practice, although this is less effective than the prohibited fishing with dynamite, but we place a great importance on environmental sustainability; for example: the holes in the nets are of a certain size, so small fish can swim through very easily and remain in the sea.



Restaurant - Fish Taverna FAROS -  Kamari, Kefalos, Kos Island, Greece