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  Kefalos - Kos Island 

The traditional restaurant FAROS is a real fish tavern and one of the first fish restaurants in Kefalos, Kamari area. In addition to fresh fish (no cheap frozen or aquaculture fish) squid, octopus, lobster, mussels and shrimps are served.

Of course, you can also enjoy meat dishes, vegetables in different variations, traditional oven cooked dishes, vegetarian dishes, salads and desserts. We offer various dishes from our charcoal grill. A very extensive range of starters completes
the dishes.

Our octopus salad deserves special mention here, because it is made with a very sophisticated special recipe. Our octopus is tender, soft and very aromatic. We first cook it gently in vinegar with a mixture of herbs and spices, and then we let it cool into
a wonderful marinade.

Our cook, Evangelia, the very soul of our kitchen, prepares dishes according to traditional Greek recipes. Her milk pie is a combination of creamy custard and flaky phyllo dough that is baked to golden perfection and then is drenched with aromatic syrup. Another specialty of hers is the traditional baklava with thin layers of pastry, chopped nuts and syrup. These two desserts are always fresh.

Καλώς ήρθες! - Welcome!

Team Faros, Kefalos

Be prepared to be seduced by our traditional cuisine
and friendly service.

We look forward
to seeing you!



Fischtaverne Faros Kefalos

As one would wish for a fish tavern, “Faros” is located in an idyllic setting in the small fishing harbour of Kefalos.

You can also have a wonderful swim and relax!

Not only foreign tourists visit us ...
We have a good reputation among many locals and Greek tourists too -
precisely because of the high quality of our food and our quiet and
typical Greek traditional restaurant.

fischtaverne faros kefalos

Our visitors come back again to enjoy our good, honest and tradition-conscious cuisine as well as the picturesque views of
the sea and the mountains.


Our fish


Our fishermen supply us every day with wild-caught marine delicacies.

We protect our fish from
the summer heat because the distance from the harbour to our refrigerators is only 50 (!) meters.

Fresh as it gets!

Immediately after shopping from our local fishermen, the fish is immediately put into ice and then goes into a special cooling device that is exclusively reserved for our fresh fish. By the way THIS is the way gills should look like!

The fish is cooked on a charcoal grill or in the pan, just as you wish.
“You only add a bit of good olive oil and some salt; nothing more”, says our grill master. We also serve a delicious marinade of our own recipe with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon; ..., you’ll certainly be in for a surprise!


Our olive oil


Our mild and fruity olive oil
is even obtained in the
old traditional manner.

Luckily for you, the grandparents reserved a piece of land with olive trees; thus we are able to supply the restaurant with our own, highly aromatic olive oil.

Usually, towards the end of November, we harvest the precious fruits by hand and bring them to the mill. It is a full time job, but if the gold-greenish juice flows into our canisters, every effort is forgotten. Feast on it!

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 Manolis, Wirt vom FAROS, Kefalos

» Epicurus (Greek philosopher)
     thought about food:

» “The wise man decides to eat something judging by the quality;
not the quantity.”

 Bucht von Kefalos
Insel in der Bucht von Kefalos 


 Frischer Fisch
 Fisch im Eis

» Our wine

» “We also have a wide variety of local wines and help you make a
wise selection.”

 Das Bier

Restaurant - Fish Taverna FAROS -  Kamari, Kefalos, Kos Island, Greece